Discover the freedom of having us manage your properties.

  • Full time management
  • Rent Collection
  • Computerized bookkeeping – all reports come with a copy of all paid bills documenting all work performed.
  • Periodic checks on property
  • Signage provided
  • Service on all legal notices
  • Showing of vacant property Monday – Saturday
  • Complete background & credit check on all applicants
  • Preparing rental agreements
  • Performing a walkthrough with tenants
  • Full digital pictures of all properties at move-in and move-out to show condition of home
  • Scheduling turn-over preparations
  • Scheduling of necessary maintenance
  • Prepare accounting of security deposit timely
  • We answer our phone lines during the day
  • We advertise our vacancies in more ways: Local newspapers, Signage at the property, free vacancy lists, and internet listings of all vacancies


Save time, save money, make your life easier… discover the freedom that Salinger Properties has to give you!
While owning a rental can be a huge asset, it can also be a huge drain on time, money and many other resources. Salinger Property Management is the company that gives you back your freedom and helps you realize what owning a rental property should truly be.

All tenants we rent to are required to sign our rental agreement. The Salinger Property Management rental agreement has been developed over the years and includes many clauses that protect both the owner and tenant. In addition, all required disclosures are made to insure compliance with legal requirements. We can also put any existing resident on our lease, if appropriate.


We are available to meet you at your property at your convenience. During this meeting we can evaluate the current condition of your property. We will point out any maintenance items that you should consider. You can then do the work yourself or we can provide estimates and have part or all of the work done for you.
We will also evaluate the current market rents and help you decide what rent and deposit to charge. Our knowledge of the market will help in achieving the highest possible rent while limiting vacancy time.


Your property will be immediately placed on our vacancy list and posted on the internet. We can also place a sign on your property (recommended), and put an ad in local circulars.
Our applications are handed out during showing appointments to all interested prospects. Prospects can also obtain applications 24-hours a day at our office or at this website. This program has made it easy to apply and has increased the numbers of applications we receive as well as speed up the process for the applicants.


All applications will be carefully screened for credit, rental and ownership references, and income. Salinger Property Management staff view tenant selection as our most important function. You benefit from tenants who have carefully screened through a major credit bureau as well as through ownership records of all surrounding counties. Each tenant must complete our detailed application and meet minimum income requirements, rental or ownership history requirements, and minimum credit requirements.


Rents are due on the first and considered late if not paid by the third of the month. We are very aggressive about rent collections and we will work hard to get your paid on time each month. Late charges are enforced and if necessary we know all the steps to take in the event the rent is not paid. This includes action to evict the tenant.


Our computerized accounting system is capable of providing all the reporting you need for tracking income and expenses as well as tax compliance. We keep track of all tenants payments to insure you receive what your are entitled to. Reports are sent on a scheduled date. Your proceeds can be sent to you or your bank. We can pay any or all of your bills, utility payments, mortgages, insurance, and taxes. Let us know what you need and we can tailor our program to fit you.
When your tenant vacates, we will provide all required accounting of the tenant’s security deposit. All appropriate charges will be assessed and any remaining amounts owed will be reported or pursued.


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